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3 Easy Tips Help You To Install A Solar Powered Pumping System


3 Easy Tips Help You To Install A Solar Powered Pumping System

You have probably heard it is very easy to create your own garden fountain using a solar pump, but after receiving your pump you may have no idea what to do. After all, why should you pay someone to install a solar pump when it is so easy to do yourself? Follow these 3 easy tips and you should accomplish your task, enjoying your new fountain with very little hassle.

Prime the Solar Powered Pump

Any type of pump, whether it is a regular water pump or a solar pump, cannot function properly when it is pumping air. In order to "prime" the pump, put it in water so that the intake can fill with water and remove the air. This does not take very much time at all and is an essential step in the installation process. This step should be done anytime the pump is not completely submerged into water. If you remove your fountain at the end of the season when cold weather sets in, it will need to be primed again when you are ready to use it in warmer weather.

Place the Solar Panel in Full Sun

Using solar power as your energy source allows you greater flexibility when choosing a location for your fountain, but you should still select an area where the solar panel can receive maximum sunlight. The longer the panel is placed in the sun, the longer your fountain will work. Some models come with on/off switches that work off a charged battery system that the solar panel charges, but most are a direct source conversion of sunlight into water power. It will make a difference in the operation of the pump if the solar panel does not receive enough sunlight.

Keep the Water Free of Debris

Most solar pumps come with a filter which prevents debris from clogging the fountain intake. However, the type of water being used in the fountain can affect this. The purer the water, the more efficient the pump will be. Even with regular tap water you could experience a build up of minerals from the water in the pump. If you wish to prevent mineral build-up, use distilled water in your fountain.