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solar powered greenhouse irrigation system design

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Principle of solar powered greenhouse irrigation system

Solar greenhouse

Advantage of solar powered greenhouse irrigation system

As the technology of low-carbon agriculture continues to develop, the agricultural greenhouse is applied in wider areas. Key steps for greenhouse planting are irrigation, fertilization, temperature& humidity control, light control and CO2 concentration control.

High temperature in summer disturbs the normal growth of many vegetables. The greenhouse applied thin-film solar module can isolate infrared rays from it and cut down heat going inside, so as to prevent the temperature of greenhouses in summer and midday getting too high. In winter and at night, thin-film solar module can stop infrared brand radiates outward in case of losing heat of greenhouses, and slow down temperature fall at night.

Meanwhile, the solar greenhouse system provides power for lighting and ventilation. It can works with LED system. It produces electricity to ensure the growth of plants in daytime, and LED system makes use of the electricity produced in daytime to light the plants at night. Besides, the solar greenhouse system can be used for pest-control; redundant electricity produced can connect to grid.

With the advantages of Electricity consumption free, Zero Emission, and Intelligent Control, MNE solar greenhouse system is the first choice for low-carbon agriculture technology development.