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Zhuhai Megawatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

MNE Technology Co.,Ltd. (Former name is Megawatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd ) was established in 2010 and is located in the Development Zone for High and New Technological Industry of Zhuhai, China. MNE has been focusing on the development and promotion of solar applications worldwide since the beginning. As an innovative and government certified high and new tech enterprise, MNE has great support from local government. Authorized by Ministry of Commerce of China, MNE implemented most China Foreign Aid projects of solar pumping water system in Africa, like Kenya, Congo, Chad etc. The solar systems with brand ‘MEGAWATT NEW ENERGY’ have been sold to more than 80 countries and areas in the world by 2020 and recognized widely.

MNE always adheres to investing into new technology and new product, and owns a professional in-house R&D team. The   team leader is one of the first domestic scholars engaged in the research of solar energy application system, participated in the design and implementation of many national and provincial key projects. He also participated in the Chinese standard formulation of solar pump system. His greatest innovations include ‘Smart MPPT’, ‘Vector Frequency Control’, ‘Single-phase Inverter Control’, ‘Software Dry-running Protection’, ‘Remote Control through SMS and Internet’, ‘Self-adaption of Wide Voltage Input’, ‘Power Solar Hybrid Input’ and so on. Currently MNE owns dozens of patents not only for utility models but also for invention, and independent intellectual property rights of new technology.

The solar pumping system, developed by MNE itself, is being widely used in many fields such as domestic water supply, livestock & plant water supply, irrigation, greenhouses, swimming pools, water purifying, waterscape fountains and desertification etc. The technology has been listed in Promotion Catalogue for Advanced/Practical Technologies Covering Water Resources by the Ministry of Water Resources of PRC.

MNE also provides complete, professional and customized design and supply of solar off-grid system, solar micro-grid system and solar on-grid system, according to user’s real demand. They are widely used in where there is no grid electricity or electricity is short like households, schools, hospitals, factories, villages, isolated houses, communication stations, farmlands, islands, distributed solar plant, centralized solar plant etc.

MNE takes quality management seriously, and achieved ISO9001:2015 certification. Its products are compliant with domestic and international safety and quality standards, like CE, TUV, etc.

MNE provides complete pre-sale and after-sale service. In order to optimize the efficiency of system and benefit of users, its R&D and engineering team can provide customers with customized and optimized system design, training, technology guide, installation, user’s guide etc. Our after-sale service is lifelong. We promise to respond for any customer’s claim, complaint and other demand within 24 hours.