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Chairman of MNE Invited to Fourth Global Think Tank Summit Dinner


On June 26-27, "Fourth Global Think Tank Summit" was held in Beijing, China. The summit was organized by the China International Economic Exchange Center; more than 600 representatives from around 30 countries and international organizations gathered together. Under the theme of the summit, " Global Sustainable Development: New Path After 2015", Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

“Global Sustainable Development: Energy Change” is the third parallel special forum of this summit, Wei Jianguo, the vice chairman of China international economic exchange center attended the summit and delivered a speech.

Famous economist, David Li, director of China and the world economy research center, Tsinghua University, also said, “What we emphasize today is the sustainable green development, and we must invest in new and green production, and promote its development through the use of new energy technologies such as wind power, solar energy and so on.”

"One belt, One road" in China is not only a national strategy, but also a global participation, involving 40% of the world's population, more than 50 countries. Everyone is a community of interests, but also the community of fate. In this process of "One Belt, One Road",what's the mission of the enterprise?

"There is a Chinese saying "homeopathy, hype and occasion". If China and other countries come into it together, the enterprises and countries that involved in the strategy of "One Belt, One Road" must have a great development. On this occasion, we have the opportunity to develop a variety of enterprises inside." Chen YongZheng, the president of the Australian international telecommunications.

Megawatt new energy is a professional enterprise engaged in solar photovoltaic application, the philosophy of its development and its social value closely coincide with and theme of the summit. We earnestly appeal everyone to response to the national strategies of "One Belt, One Road" and "Go global". Let’s actively seek strategic partners, continue to explore, to work together to contribute to the global new energy.

	Chairman of MNE Invited to Fourth Global Think Tank Summit Dinner