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Solar off-grid system

Structure of Solar Off-Grid System

Off Grid PV systems are solar powered backup systems for your home that have extra-high capacity battery banks to provide long lasting power to your most important appliances when you need them.

The configuration of solar off-grid system will include:

  • High-efficiency solar panels
  • Charge controller
  • High-capacity battery backup bank
  • Professional-grade DC-AC inverter
  • Junction box
  • Backup generator (optional, but recommended)

Structure of Solar Off-Grid System

High-Efficiency Solar Panels

Silicon Solar uses the most advanced and high-efficiency solar panels for our off grid solar systems. Designed and engineered to give you more power and a lower-cost, each solar panel used in our solar kits is approved and recommended for use all around the world.

Charge Controller

The charge controller is a critical component of any solar power system with a battery backup. Overcharging is a major killer of batteries and a charge controller will monitor the charge level of your batteries and shut down charging to avoid damage once your batteries are full.

Battery Backup.

The battery backup is used in these off grid solar systems to provide power during the night, or periods of blackout, or bad weather when your solar panels can not generate enough power for you to use.

DC-AC Inverter

Solar panels and batteries generate and store power in DC (direct current), however nearly all home appliances and electronics use AC (alternating current) power that comes from the electric grid. A DC-AC inverter will transform the DC power from your solar power system into AC power that is useable right through your home's power outlets. A good, high-efficiency DC-AC inverter can make or break the performance and cost-effectiveness of an off grid solar system.

Other Important Components

  • Solar panel mounting hardware
  • Solar wiring junction box
  • Battery storage bracket
  • Lightning arrestors, breakers and other electrical components (optional)
  • A backup generator (optional, but highly recommended)
  • On-location & remote (online) monitoring system (optional, but highly recommended)

Application of Solar off-Grid System

The solar power kit comes with a high-powered battery backup system (which provides emergency load power for your home even when the electric grid is down during emergency situations). An off-grid solar kit is available for your use at any time. Off grid solar systems are great for those who live in remote locations where bringing in the electric grid is extremely expensive or inconvenient, or blackout happened frequently or those who prefer to not have a monthly bill with the electric bill at all.

Size Guiding for Solar Off-Grid System

Step1:Determine your PV system size needs using the calculator to the right.

Step2:Choose the right system from the pre-designed models.

Step3:Contact MNE to purchase your recommended off grid PV system.


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