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Medium Home Solar Kit

Features of Medium Solar Home Kit

Pure Sine Wave Output:compared with square wave and modified sine wave,our inverter has stronger load capacity.They can drive inductive load and any other AC load within the required power.

1:Modular design,easy to install medium solar home kit

2:Digital control with full protection, such as battery over voltage, over discharge,anti-reverse protection;output over load,short circuit,over temperature protection;lightning protection etc.

3:LCD Display:The LCD display battery voltage,AC output voltage and status parameters. (Remark:If inverter output capacity ≤1kVA,AC output voltage will not display)

4:High Efficiency Transformer Isolation:Power frequency toroidal transformer,which ensures high efficiency and low no-load loss of the inverter.

5:Optional by-pass function:When the battery is over discharge,the inverter will intelligently switch to Utility grid to drive load.

6:Optional light control and time control function: According to illumination intensity,he inverter can control output without manual operation.This function is available with our matched controller.

Features of Medium Solar Home Kit