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Solar powered desertification control

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The desert is a good natural underground reservoir. The desert underground is usually rich in loose sand basin, low-lying water position. Sand particles have larger pores for storing water. The surface of dry sand is like a cover of a reservoir to prevent water from sun shining and evaporation. Due to it, most deserts have very rich underground water. The underground water level in China's largest desert - the Taklimakan Desert in Xinjiang is generally not less than the inter dune surface 10 meters. It is very convenient for wells use. The water level of other deserts may be even higher.

Due to the excellent desert sunshine conditions and abundant groundwater, the use of solar water pumping system is extremely ideal for desertification control. Working with solar irrigation system to  plant desert shrub, Calligonum, Tamarix chinensis and form anti-sand road, can prevent desertification, green sand, improve the surrounding environment and ecological environment.

Solar powered desertification control

Solar powered desertification controlSolar powered desertification controlSolar powered desertification control