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Solar swimming pool pump system design

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Principle of solar swimming pool system

Solar swimming pool system

Advantage of solar swimming pool system

With the mass emission of greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide, global warming is a growing problem to face. Renewable energy is thus greatly promoted and applied in developed countries. Government subsidies renewable energy users or allows free tax policy so as to reduce consumption of those non-renewable energy like oil, coal. This significantly helps to save energy and protect environment.

MNE Solar circulation system is featured with modular design, zero noise and pollution free. It is fully safe and reliable, very easy for maintenance. No battery is required. The AC backup box can be added to realize solar and grid hybrid power supply.

MNE Solar circulation system not only benefits the domestic and commercial users with purified water and advanced swimming pool circulation mode, but also reduces electricity cost with free energy.

Application of solar swimming pool system

Mainly for swimming pool circulation and water purification, to provide and maintain clean water.