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solar powered irrigation system design

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Solar irrigation system

MNE solar irrigation system

Irrigation technique development is essential for agriculture development.However,in the drought and remote region,water sources are scarce,and the electricity transmission is inconvenient,the agriculture development is extremely slow,the food security cannot be guaranteed.

Advantage of solar irrigation system

The solar irrigation system utilizes the solar radiation energy to produce electricity power,which drives the pump directly,pumps the water from underground or river and conveys it to the farmland.
To complement with facilities of flood irrigation,canal irrigation, spray irrigation or drip irrigation,the system can meet different irrigation requirements.
It is more reliable than wind power system, and it reduces the cost of grid power transmission.
Compared to the diesel powered ones,it is more environment-friendly and consumes much less operation cost.
The advanced technology of solar irrigation system prevent drought efficiently and guarantee sustainable agriculture development.