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Solar Pumping System

Solar Pumping System Structure

Solar pumping system mainly consists of PV modules, solar pumping inverter/controller and pumps.

Solar Module:Generate electricity

Solar pumping inverter/controller:Converter solar energy to support the pumps; control and run the pumping system by making full use the solar energy.

Pump:Raises water or other fluids

Other components

Mounting Bracket: Fix the solar panels

Junction box: combination of DC fuse, DC circuit-breaker and other components to protect the solar module

Outdoor Cabinet: IP54, waterproof for outdoor installation

Solar Pumping System Structure

Principle of Operation

The PV modules supply electricity to inverter.

The inverter converts DC into AC to drive pump according to the intensity of sunshine.

Advantage of Solar Pumping System

  • 1:Auto-operation, labor free
  • 2:Suitable to all kinds of pumps, including three-phase AC pumps,single-phase AC pumps and DC pumps
  • 3:Wide range of input voltage, suitable to different PV modules Modular design, easy to maintain International advanced components, safe and reliable
  • 4:Solar and mains power hybrid, 24 hours operation Remote control and monitor Customized solutions

Size Guiding for Solar Pumping System

  • Step 1:Find the suitable series according to required dailyflow rate from sizing table.
  • Step2:Find the system model according to required pumphead from catalogue.
  • Step3:Contact MNE to get product technical parameters.

SystemSeries DailyVolume[m3/day]
AC Solar Pumping System MNE-3PH-SJ1 4~10[m3/day]
AC Solar Pumping System MNE-3PH-SJ3 8~15[m3/day]
AC Solar Pumping System MNE-3PH-SJ5 15~25[m3/day]
AC Solar Pumping System MNE-3PH-SJ8 25~50[m3/day]
AC Solar Pumping System MNE-3PH-SJ12 40~80[m3/day]
AC Solar Pumping System MNE-3PH-SJ17 60~100[m3/day]
AC Solar Pumping System MNE-3PH-SJ30 100~180[m3/day]
AC Solar Pumping System MNE-3PH-SJ42 150~250[m3/day]
AC Solar Pumping System MNE-3PH-SJ60 230~350[m3/day]
AC Solar Pumping System MNE-3PH-SJ75 300~450[m3/day]
AC Solar Pumping System MNE-3PH-SJ95 400~550[m3/day]
AC Solar Pumping System MNE-3PH-SJ120 550~700[m3/day]
AC Solar Pumping System MNE-3PH-SJ150 650~800[m3/day]

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